Driveclub’s final update is one of the best

DriveclubDriveclub’s launch was an absolute disaster. Many wrote the game off due to its servers just not working. For a game that required an online connection for many of its features to work, the server issue did the game no favours at all. However, fast forward two years later and Driveclub has blossomed into one of the best racers available on the PlayStation 4 and its final update is an extremely generous one too.

In the months that followed Driveclub’s troubled launch, Evolution Studios worked tirelessly to put the wrong things right. Fans were outraged, the PlayStation Plus edition was put on hold indefinitely and every time something was fixed, something else went wrong. To try and sweeten the fans up, Evolution offered the first slice of premium DLC as a freebie and apology to everyone who owned the game. After a couple of months, everything started to run smoothly and that’s when Driveclub started to blossom.

Underneath the troubles lay a truly fantastic racer. The graphics to this very day can stand next to any racer as amongst the best. The attention to detail was frightening as even after launch, Evolution made little tweaks here and there to make it look even better. The day/night cycle and weather effects were absolutely superb and racing in Norway at sunset with light snow in a Mercedes SLS was truly fantastic and the excellent sound effects just added to the overall experience. Evolution were not afraid to give out free DLC either with numerous cars, a whole new country to race in and additional tracks for old countries. Evolution constantly listened to the fans’ feedback and implemented a whole ton of requested features to the game as well to yet again keep on improving it. Top that off with a superb season pass that spanned nearly the entire life cycle of Driveclub adding so much extra content and it’s hard not to consider Driveclub one of the best racers so far this generation.

driveclub laferrari

I can’t carry on without mentioning the cars. Five different categories which were Hot Hatch, Sports, Performance, Super, Hyper. Even the Wombat from Motorstorm made an appearance. The selection of cars is brilliant. BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan, Jaguar, McLaren, Chevrolet, Hennessey and more. All the big names are here and each car feels totally different. Some of the slower hyper cars come with KERS (boost) which can be used at any time and recharged by breaking and cornering well.

Unfortunately, Sony decided to shut Evolution Studios down, much to the dissatisfaction of the fans. Nobody saw it coming as many Sony fans were hoping Evolution’s next project would be a new Motorstorm. This brings me to Driveclub’s final update which is by far it’s most generous.

Adding 15 brand new tracks and a couple of reverse variants of old tracks found in the Driveclub VR version, it just shows the commitment and passion Evolution had for this game. Also in the patch notes there is a line that says “Thanks for your support. Thanks for your commitment. Farewell and enjoy the game!” A touch of class from Evolution Studios.

Driveclub and its season pass often goes into sales on PSN for next to nothing. Next time you see it and are curious whether it’s worth buying or not, I’d recommend it in a heartbeat as you won’t find a better racer on the PlayStation 4.

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