Drawful 2 looks like an awesome night in

drawful 2Drawful 2, one of the the party game series from You Don’t Know Jack developer Jackbox Games, Inc. is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The studio focus on amazing local party game entertainment, and Drawful 2 looks like it has enough new features to justify your consideration.

In Drawful 2, you use your phone or tablet to draw something. You now have the option to use two colours this time around. The other players type in what they think the (probably terrible) drawing is and those become the multiple-choice wrong answers. Then everyone – even an audience of potentially thousands – tries to guess the REAL answer.

You connect your device to the game session via the game’s website. Log in and it will give you a code. Then play away to your heart’s content. It actually sounds rather good fun. Here’s the trailer below, followed by an example of gameplay!

Drawful 2 also adds a family friendly option, if you want to play with the kids at home to keep them entertained. If you’re the streaming type, there’s a new audience mode too, which gives viewers more time to join in on the action. For only $9.99, you could do a lot worse!

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