Dragon Age Inquisition – The Descent DLC

dragon age inquisition the descentToday, Bioware revealed a new piece of downloadable content for their epic fantasy RPG, Dragon Age Inquisition. Descend into Dragon Age’s deepest dungeon on a perilous journey through darkspawn-infested caverns. Venture underground to solve one of Thedas’s greatest mysteries.

Descend into the Deep Roads, battle the ultimate Dark Spawn horde, and reveal its darkest secrets. Something is causing earthquakes in the Deep Roads, and if it continues, Thedas will be in trouble. It’s up to you and your Inquisition to do what you do best, and kick some Dark Spawn bootie.

As well as the reveal of the new DLC pack, EA and Bioware have announced that Dragon Age Inquisition is now available through the EA Access Vault on Xbox One and PC. This comes after the announcement at E3 in June that both Titanfall and Dragon Age would be making their way to the subscription service.

The Descent will be available on August 11th on Xbox One and PC, and on August 12th for PlayStation 4.

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