Dragon Age Inquisition DLC info leaks

Dragon Age Jaws of HakkonA survey has leaked information about the next Dragon Age Inquisition DLC, which leads us to believe that it is the last DLC pack to come for the game.

The survey states that the DLC add-on will be priced at $14.99 and will involve¬†“the final fate of the Inquisition”. The survey details what the story DLC will contain, and finishes with a bullet-point listing of what it offers.

“Decide the final fate of the Inquisition as new threats emerge.”

dragonslayer“Having saved the world of Thedas by closing the Breach, your next mission will determine the future of the Inquisition. Your mark suddenly glows, erupting with magic connected to the Fade. Assassins attack in shadow. An invasion of enemies begins. Win a race against time to face a great evil before it is too late. In this story-based expansion, playable after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, you will embark on a last adventure with your team to confront the one who started it all.”

  • “Test your mettle against the full force of the disciplined and battle-hardened Qunari army”
  • “Explore diverse, new areas as you fight the threat across the whole of Thedas”
  • “Uncover secrets of the Fade that will change your understanding of the world as you know it”
  • “Prove your skill with a new, optional gameplay mode that challenges even the most seasoned veteran”

It all sounds rather interesting, and for such a big game, it’s great to see more content like this being added. The last DLC, The Jaws of Hakkon released only last month, and no release date has been announced for this latest offering. With The Witcher 3 and now Batman Arkham Knight on the market, have you found Dragon Age is being left at the bottom of the pile, and if so, will you get back to it before Fallout 4 hits in November?

[Source: Eurogamer]

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