DOOM multiplayer trailer is brutally fast and furious

doom box artDOOM’s multiplayer is not for the faint of heart. It’s bloody. It’s brutal. And it’s very fast. Prepare yourself with a glimpse into DOOM’s multiplayer mayhem in the latest trailer from Bethesda.

Bethesda have released the latest trailer for DOOM, and this time the focus is on the multiplayer arena combat, which is a throwback to how it should be done. Quick, brutal, and mindless. One of the new additions is the ability to spawn as a demon instead of as a marine, and the demon killing animations are ferocious. They’re not unstoppable though, as the trailer demonstrates in gloriously graphic fashion. Juicy!

DOOM will also allow players to create and share custom made maps, which others can download and add to their game. This means that every game of DOOM could potentially be different, adding to the replayability and originality of the shooter. And that’s just the multiplayer mode. Remember, the game will feature a full campaign too!

Watch the new trailer below. In fact, watch it twice. Then read on.

Players eligible for the Multiplayer Beta through their purchase of Wolfenstein: The New Order, your chance to play DOOM Multiplayer is coming! Bethesda will be running the Closed Beta between March 31st and April 3rd. Team Deathmatch and the new Warpath mode will be playable on two maps: Heatwave and Infernal.

DOOM has a release date of May 13th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s going to get messy!

[Source: Youtube]

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