Doom has a release date

doomAfter a hellish 12 years wait, DOOM is finally coming, and today it has been given a solid release date. After its re-emergence last year at E3, Bethesda are starting to build up the hype train, with a new trailer included.

DOOM will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 13th, which is a Friday. You can all go to hell on Friday the 13th of this year. Whoooo! Check out this new campaign trailer, and expect violence. Lots and lots of violence.

DOOM will feature a full campaign to fight through, doing so like “Bruce Lee on a skateboard with a shotgun” as described by the game’s executive producer, stating that each level will contain stages brimming with enemies, designed in a way that sees the player hop, mount and duck around open combat spaces to get the job done.

Of course, many will remember DOOM for its multiplayer, and this reboot won’t let the side down. As well as a full multiplayer suite with a bunch of maps and modes to play with, DOOM will also include a feature called ‘SnapMap’, which will allow players to create and share their own map designs for others to incorporate into their game. Expect a lot of maps designed around the classics!

[Source: Youtube]

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