Doom 2016 review

doom reviewDoom released last Friday for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and while no copies were sent out to gaming sites due to the online nature of the game in its multiplayer department, we finally have a review to share with you. Was it worth the wait? Oh  yes!

Take the core elements of the classic Doom games, add a modern touch and you’ve got one seriously epic game. Fast, slick combat, with great enemy density, throughout fantastic level design. Secrets and collectables dotted around each level, well written lore on the environments, characters. weapons, enemies, etc. Story is alright, but it’s there as a background piece more than anything.


Exactly what I was hoping it would be. Really fast, “here’s a gun, go kill demons.” While I liked how the glory kills looked in the E3 demos, I was iffy about whether they would get boring fast, and thankfully I was proven wrong. It’s satisfying to crack a demon’s skull in two, yet, provides tactical play if played right. I would often leave some weaker mobs to easily execute, grab some health/ammo and jump back into the action. Weapon/Armor upgrades add a lot to the hectic fight, swapping between weapons/weapon mods for AoE (area of effect), stunning, nuking, etc, feels great and is done so fluidly.

doom demons


The sound production is one of the best I’ve heard in any game for some time. Headphones, flawless surround, with ambient air whistling by, grunts or gargling of demons and the weapons, amazing. Speakers sound just as good too. The soundtrack is so damn good. A mix of electronic, metal and later on, some choral elements. Each track suits each situation perfectly. Even the ambient soundtrack when not fighting, immerses you into the hell infested Mars. There’s a few remixed tracks from previous games (E1M1 being the main theme of the game. Intro parts of the Doom 3 theme can be heard in a certain track and one of the ambient pieces sounds like a modern E1M2). All in all, the devilish sounds and hardcore, in your face soundtrack, merge with the hectic combat so damn much.

doom box art


Levels start out with the usual corridor to room, to corridor deal, but open up massively, with outdoor and generally big areas. A majority of each level loops back on itself, reminding me of how Dark Souls 1 level design worked, but its much more aimed at the classic Doom games of backtracking to previously explored areas after finding keys.

Visually, the game is gorgeous and animations flow so smoothly. The atmosphere is excellent, combining everything together for an epic experience.


Multiplayer is extremely average. I find it a bit odd, one of the original series’ to kick off classic deathmatch and the likes, to fall flat on this. It feels like they took the modern approach more on this and scraped the classic elements. I understand, it’s 2016 and games progress. I totally get and agree with this, but, when you try to be other games within the same genre, while mashing ideas together that don’t suit the game well, is where it goes sour. A lot of people say “Well, Doom was never about the multiplayer”, they are insanely incorrect. Doom had and still has, a massive multiplayer community around it.

It is ultra fast and highly addictive. (Modes range from Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, CO-OP, Survival,1-v-1, and a few others, as well as community tournaments. On top of that, the modding/mapping aspect of the community is still thriving; so many talented folks out there. For a series that, in my opinion, put FPS games on the map, it shouldn’t take from the likes of Halo and Call of Duty. Just be Doom.


I haven’t spent too much time with Snapmap, but what I have has been real fun. Make your own maps, share them, play them with friends, with bucket loads of game modes and options to pick from. This is where I’ll probably spend a majority of my time now.

And finally…

Overall, I have very little to fault, or complain about the single player aspect, it’s near flawless. Multiplayer is meh and I doubt much of it will improve for my liking. Snapmap will provide content and entertainment for a while yet, so I look forward to what the community has to offer down the line. I hope future DLC will focus more on the single player than multiplayer.

Review supplied by Chis Daily, who does amazing art editing with video game stuff.

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