Don’t rule out original Xbox games for Backwards Compatibility

original xbox consoleOn Twitter on Wednesday, a fan asked Xbox head Phil Spencer, if it was possible to make original Xbox games available to play with backwards compatibility. Phil Spencer’s response didn’t say no, however.

The Xbox launched in 2001, with a short enough lifespan, ending in 2005 really, when the Xbox 360 launched. A selection of games from the Xbox would run on the Xbox 360, leading to the question below from Hadlee Simons.

With Microsoft announcing at E3 this year that the Xbox One will introduce Backwards Compatibilty as a free feature later this year, now confirmed as November since the Gamescom conference, Xbox One owners will be able to play select titles from last generation, and possibly earlier than that, if this tweet is anything to go by.

It was recently announced that as of November going forward, all Games with Gold titles  for the Xbox 360 will be made backwards compatible.

Whether fans would be on board with the idea is to be seen, but if the opportunity is there, and it doesn’t require too much extra work, then why not? We shall find out eventually. Would you be interested in original games being backwards compatible on Xbox One?

[Source: Twitter]

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