Don’t be a Square! Get Your Thomas Was Alone Action Figures Today!

Thomas Was Alone Action FiguresLike Squares? Maybe even Rectangles? how about varying sizes of these shapes? Now what if they were in 3D! Well you sir/madam are in luck! For the low low price of $20 you can get the official Thomas Was Alone action figures today!

Recreate your favorite memories from the award winning indie game, or even create your own magical moments. Maybe even change the narrator to your expert-like portrayal of Morgan Freeman, or Christopher Walken. Can you stack them? YEAH! Can you place them in a line? YEAH! Can you… ughhh… Stack them even higher? HELLS TO THE YEAH! How could you say no!

They even come in this fancy box. Oooo. *touch*
They even come in this fancy box. Oooo. *touch*

The set includes four blocks of the worlds most famous blocks, because Thomas will never be alone again. For $20 you’ll get Thomas, Claire, Chris and John, all sculpted by independent artist Kerry Dyer. Clare even floats!

“Lovingly* hand crafted* from the finest materials*, these figures offer the full articulation possible for toys based on the reasonably popular indie game, Thomas Was Alone. The Claire figure even floats. Seriously. That’s not a joke. That took time to make work.”

“We made ’em, we packaged them in bespoke shelf hangable cases, and now they are ready to sell to you, the person who is still reading this.”

You can buy the figures right now over at Dyer’s website, which also has loads of other cool merchendise you should check out if this doesn’t tickle your fancy.

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