Donald Glover Cast as Lando Calrissian in Han Solo Spin-Off

Donald GloverHello everyone, fans of Childish Gambino and/or Star Wars have some interesting developments. As of recently, Donald Glover has been cast to play Lando Calrissian in the Star-Wars spin-off film following the events of Han Solo’s life prior to Episode IV.

For any out there who are unaware of who Lando Calrissian is, having been played by Billie Dee Williams and first appearing in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, he was a longtime friend of Han and Chewie. Being the Administrator for Cloud City, he was contacted by Han to aid them in hiding from the Empire, but he was strong armed by Vader and the Empire to betray his old friends. Although, after betraying his friends, his conscience came back to him and caused him to free his friends, except for Han who was frozen in carbonite, and then aided them into the next film to save Han from Jabba.

Whilst news of a spin-off centering on Han solo was somewhat of a surprise to me, I’m glad to see that the casting seems to be top-notch from the get-go. As the only other choice for casting was Han Solo himself, Alden Ehrenreich, we know that they’re going with a bit more famous casting choice play the future betrayer/saviour of Han himself.Lando Calrissian Billy Dee

As for Donald Glover himself, whilst he may not be famous in the mainstream of films, he’s incredibly talented across the board. Starting off as a writer for 30 Rock, he moved onto play Troy on the show Community, as well as becoming a famous rapper, known more commonly as Childish Gambino. As well, whilst not nearly as prevalent in the film industry, he has had some roles in mainstream films, most recently starring in The Martian and Lazarus Effect, proving that he could take on a role outside of the comedic realm. With any luck, Donald Glover will be able to bring this multi-talented persona to this new entry in the Star Wars franchise.

Whilst opinions may differ on Donald Glover’s ability to act, and whether or not he’ll play a good Lando Calrissian, we at least know that he has a decent history in the entertainment industry.

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