Do we really need the PS4 PRO/Scorpio in the console cycle?

PS4 PROThe PlayStation 4 PRO has been with us for a couple of months now and later this year Microsoft will be unleashing their own powerful Xbox Scorpio csole. Both consoles promise much improved visuals over their older brothers but both have also promised not to have exclusives only available to those who upgrade.

When the PRO and Scorpio were first announced I admit I felt a bit peeved that my console which I spent a fair bit of cash on at release would be made, in my view, obsolete so soon into the generation. Time has passed and I’ve now come to terms with the impending feeling of worthlessness as I cast my gaze towards my day one edition turd (obviously I jest)  that sits beneath my TV.

Project Scorpio

Now though I’m wondering if those who buy into these upgraded consoles are getting a good deal. Sure it’s always nice to have great graphics and performance when gaming but the more powerful machines should in theory be capable of so much more were it not for the console giants holding them back. Bigger game worlds, more complex gameplay, more AI would all be possible on these more powerful consoles but Sony and Microsoft have promised that there will be no Pro or Scorpio exclusives.

NVidia GTX 1080

On PC we are used to games being developed for a wide range of hardware combinations but in the console world this is a new thing and in hindsight I think I would have liked to see these new consoles realise their potential. Now I totally understand why they’ve come out with this no exclusive policy and to a degree it’s logical that they want to protect those unable or unwilling to upgrade but the trouble is that the companies will have two communities as it were all wanting preferential treatment.

Intel Skylake CPU

It may seem like I’m just moaning for the sake of it but one of the reasons I won’t be upgrading my console is because it’d be cheaper for me to upgrade my PC and because I just don’t see value for money for what you are getting. If I built a budget PC I’d do so knowing I wouldn’t be able to play the most demanding games like Arma 3 for example and being able to enjoy those demanding games that appeal to my taste makes keeping my PC up to date worthwhile. Graphical quality alone won’t motivate me though.

Project Scorpio

If I can play exactly the same games on my Xbox One then why pay out £400ish (we still don’t know how much Scorpio will retail for but it has been described as a premium product which will presumably come at a premium cost), and how long will it be until the next Xbox and PlayStation hit the shelves after that? Where do these consoles fit into the generational timeline? There’s just too many unknowns for me to consider buying into it. At least if I upgrade my PC I know I’ll be able to enjoy more demanding games that an outdated PC wouldn’t be able to run and I know where I stand, in essence I know that my investment will be worth it.

It all seems like a large can of worms has been opened to be honest and I think it could have been avoided had Sony and Microsoft gave their consoles an extra year of development and released better products but it is what it is. Am I being unfair and pessimistic? Probably but I want my consoles to be consoles, I don’t see the point in them trying to compete with the PC market like one Sony exec suggested they were trying to do because frankly they just wont be able to keep up.

Nintendo Switch

It will be interesting to see how the sales figures look between the different console variants in a year or two but for me, well the Nintendo Switch seems a lot more appealing than a shinier version of my current console and will open up some of the best Nintendo IP’s to me so that will be where my money will be going I think. A good old console that knows what it is and does what it says on the tin.

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