Dizzy returns in Wonderland Dizzy, and it’s free!

wonderland dizzyDizzy, a very very old platforming game that had you play as a friend-rescuing egg, is making a return! Back in the 80’s, the Oliver twins made a game that Codemasters published, and the last game to release was in 1992. A dug up version called Wonderland Dizzy has been brought to life, and is now available for all to play, for free!

You can head over to the Dizzy website here, and play the game directly through your browser. The video directly below tells the tale of how the brothers found the old game, and managed to get the ROM working, making it possible to convert into a digital title, available to be played online. Some old school fans may find this video rather pleasing.

The little egg hero has had quite the adventure, but we wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of the little scamp! Here’s a list of all the core games he has appeared in. There have been spin off games too!

  • Dizzy – The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure – 1987
  • Treasure Island Dizzy – 1988
  • Fantasy World Dizzy – 1989
  • Dizzy 3 and a half: Into Magicland (Dizzy 3.5) – 1991
  • Magicland Dizzy – 1990
  • Spellbound Dizzy – 1991
  • Dizzy Prince of the Yolkfolk – 1991/2011
  • Fantastic Dizzy – 1991
  • Crystal Kingdom Dizzy – 1992
  • Wonderland Dizzy– 2015

Here’s a trailer for the ‘new’ game, although it hasn’t aged well, and looks like the ultimate nostalgia trip! Over on the website, you can play some of the classics from the collection. Have you played any of the games in the series? Share your nostalgia with us in the comments!

[Source: Youtube, Wonderland website]

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