The Division is Youtube’s top trending game of March

youtube gamingYoutube has released a list of the most popular video games that were trending during the month of March. Believe it or not, the number one game was Ubisoft’s The Division, which has been selling immensely since its launch this day last month. What else was popular on Youtube during March? Let’s take a look.

Due to the release of the Kombat Pack 2 in Mortal Kombat X, fans have been hopping onto Youtube Gaming to see the new fighters in action, before picking them up themselves. It’s good to see Mortal Kombat X still high in the charts. It’s a fantastic title that’s now about a year old, and still going strong. Clash Royale is third, and being a mobile game, that’s pretty spectacular.

UFC 2 is high, and with it being the fastest growing sport in the last few years, this may feature regularly on the list as more fans take up the virtual sport version of it. Dark Souls 3 is available in Japan and while some fans overseas have downloaded it via other means, eager fans awaiting its release next week are getting their fill by watching others play it. The rest of the top 10, you can see below. I’m surprised to see that GTA Online isn’t featured this month. It’s always in the charts, and fans are always doing fun stuff with it. Maybe Rockstar need to add more features to boost it up the Youtube chart again.

youtube trending games march

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