The Division update 1.2 is aiming at improving End-Game agents

The DivisionDuring a recent Livestream of Tom Clancy’s The Division, developer Ubisoft shed some light on what players can expect from update v1.2, which is due to be released later this month. Elite Division agents, you’re going to want to take heed, this ones aiming squarely at you.

The update itself is going to be all buffs, no nerfs and will purely be released to help elite players improve their gear through tweaking drops acquired at end game. Ubisoft said specifically at better loot will be dropping more often. Those who venture into the Dark Zone regularly were also mentioned, Ubisoft have been quoted in saying that those with a gear score of 200 or higher, will be transported to a separate instance following the update, where they will find weapons and equipment rated between 204 and 240, should they manage to extract it. Division tech loot drops will also only drop as high-end quality or higher. The Division

However, without meaning to put a downer on the news in relation to the update, what about us?

I have been playing Tom Clancy’s The Division on and off since it was launched and while I’m perfectly happy at the pace I am progressing through the game, I feel that I am being rushed to reach what is often referred to as “End Game”. And I’m not alone, since the Livestream there has been mixed opinions online, the majority of course is generally positive, but those in a similar position to myself are feeling left out, as if Ubisoft are forcing us to rush through the progression stages to get to a point where we are forced to grind end-game loot. The Division

The reality is, not everyone can be pleased and sooner or later I am going to have to give in and join everyone else, should I continue playing. After all, it’s clearly what was intended, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Games like The Division have been around for quite some time now, progressing through the base levels is very much only the start, the best content is often saved to last.

[Source: Games Radar].

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