Division players find a way outside of the game’s borders

The DivisionThe Division is only a week on the shelves now, and already players are finding ways to glitch out of the contained areas that make up the game world we’re allowed to explore. New York is big, and while the map in The Division is large and varied, it’s far from the size of the real life New York City.

A Youtuber by the name of Chaz posted a video on his channel, showing off how to get out of certain areas of the map, and how there seems to be a lot of built up areas that are currently unavailable to players. It is unknown whether these areas will open up in the future alongside some DLC, but it would be a shame to see these areas go to waste, eh? One interesting trip in the video takes us to Central Park, but Chaz doesn’t want us to see it in his video and advises you to try the glitch yourself and go wander to the location on your own or with friends.

The Division was down for server maintenance this morning for a few hours, and while it’s now back up, there’s every possibility that Ubisoft have done something to prevent players from getting out of the map. Still, it’s here to be seen on the internet forever, until we learn more in the future.

It would be great if Ubisoft extended the map over time, and with the Last Stand DLC pack coming at the end of the year, it looks like we may be going to Liberty Island, but that has not been confirmed. The imagery for the DLC is a hint, but that’s as far as it goes.

the division last standJust imagine exploring Central Park in The Division! All we know is that the park was used to bury the bodies of those killed by the Green Virus, the outbreak that took place leading into the game’s narrative.

central park new york the division

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