The Division Incursions trailer and details

the division IncursionsToday, Tom Clancy’s The Division gets its 1.1 update which adds Incursions, The Division’s take on an MMO raid. Here’s a trailer that details what you can expect in the game’s first update, and what you can look forward to fighting for.

The first Incursion sees you and your squad tackle the LMB in the WarrenGate water treatment plant. The plant is vital in rebuilding New York. Falcon team failed to complete the mission, so now you are being sent in. Along with the mission which is said to take hours and is unbeatable for some of Ubisoft’s developers, the update also brings new gear sets and exotic weapons.

Loot trading will also be available. There’s a catch however. You can only trade loot with those in your squad at the time the loot is picked up. This stops any dodgy dealings taking place back at the Base of Operations, and is great when one member upgrades a mod, and can pass on something they no longer need. I’m sure Ubisoft will be keeping a close eye on these trades. It’s likely that someone will find a way to exploit it and ruin it for the rest of us.

New daily and weekly assignments will also become available right from Division command. One other interesting addition is the Supply Drops in the Dark Zone. These will take place at random, and almost like an extraction, teams of players will be fighting to unlock its contents and use for their own will. These drops will not be contaminated, so they will not need to be extracted once gained.

The Division is currently down for maintenance and updating for the Incursions add-on, with the patch said to be roughly 4Gb in size. Get it updated while the game is offline.

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