The Division files data-mined, points to number of missions

the divisionTom Clancy’s The Division is only hours away from its release, and while some fans have already received copies in the post, others have pre-installed the game and have data-mined the files. We won’t spoil anything, don’t worry!

The files do however point to under 30 main campaign/story missions in The Division, and we’ve seen two or three of them in the betas, so a bunch more of those is something to look forward to. We’ll surely be doing a few of them repeatedly with different groups of friends, and don’t forget the rest of the side missions we’re bound to run into, such as rescue missions, collecting missions and whatever else Ubisoft throws at us.

There are also files relating to the drones, but we know they were cut from the game along with the companion app. However, they were player controlled devices and some drones may be in the game, controlled by the enemy AI. Perhaps some of these files are just left over from early in development too.

Tom Clancy's: The Division

There are links below to the Reddit files if you fancy learning a little more, but we won’t say anything else here. We want to enjoy the game just as much as you do on release!

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