Dirt Rally Won’t Allow Modding, For Legal Reasons

Dirt Rally ScreenshotDirt Rally, the next Dirt game from Codemasters currently on Steam Early Access, is unlikely to ever get mod support due to legal restrictions, the developer says.

In Dirt there are a huge amount of licensed cars and brands, and giving modders the control to edit that would likely break many of the contracts they signed.

In a post on Reddit, community manager Lee Williams said:

“I’d love for us too. Truth is for us to implement it the way people are asking is difficult and sometimes not possible at all. We couldn’t allow people to mod in new cars because of licencing. Even liveries on cars (officially supported) causes licensing issues. Custom tracks – we don’t have a tool that would enable you guys to make them. There are somethings that could be done but it seems that every possible way look at incorporating mod support we hit a legal reason why we can’t. It’s not off the cards yet but I really can’t promise anything.”

Dirt has been on the Early Access program since April, and since then has seen many major content updates and patches as it heads for full release on PC and console.

What are your thoughts on this? Think Codemasters should try and allow modding for the title? Or do you think that their major focus should be finishing the game over that then considering how to incorporate mods if needs be? Let us know int he comments!

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