Did GTA V’s Franklin voice actor tease some DLC reveal to come?

gta v posterShawn Fonteno, the voice actor and motion capture actor of Grand Theft Auto V’s Franklin shared an Instagram image of himself in full mo-cap gear with the tag line of “LOL FUCCCCCCC IT ……” Where he’s sitting is likely a teasing hint at what’s to come for GTA V, or else he’s just trolling fans.

Below, you can see him sitting in full mo-cap gear in front of a poster for Grand Theft Auto IV. Fair enough, you can think nothing of it if you wish. Then again, you can start remembering all those Youtube videos and gaming website articles about possible Liberty City DLC coming to GTA V, whether that’s for GTA Online or a story expansion for the game’s narrative. It’s all rather interesting. Shawn could however just be uploading a picture from 2012, when he was mo-capping Franklin before the game’s 2013 release….

LOL ……

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While Rockstar previously stated in 2015 that they had no intentions to focus on single player DLC, instead focus solely on GTA Online and the extensive amount of content it has received thus far, it would be nice to go back to Liberty City in a reworked art style similar to GTA V, and if it adds tonnes of new missions to GTA Online within a new map, then that will make my year, personally.

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