DICE unsurprisingly working on next Battlefield title

battlefield 4 legacy operationsOn Twitter over the weekend, Development Director at DICE, Dan Vaderlind wrote “Now that we’ve shipped Battlefront and a part of the team continues to work on it, I am moving on to another project, the next Battlefield..” While not surprising, it was expected that DICE would resume their position of conjuring up the next game in the Battlefield franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront will of course be getting months of DLC post launch, but the majority of the DICE team will go back to their ways and focus on their military shooter, which they are famed for. While Battlefield Hardline released earlier this year, that game was developed primarily by Dead Space developer Visceral Games. DICE’s last release prior to Star Wars Battlefront was Battlefield 4, which was a launch title for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game still gets regular updates, with the Night Ops missions and last week’s Legacy Ops DLC.

Battlefield 5 ArmageddonIt was also discovered last week on IMDB that the next Battlefield title will be called ‘Armageddon’. While this could be a ruse; a false flag or a fact, we don’t know, but nuclear war is a modern theme and with Fallout 4 popularising the setting again, maybe it would work with Battlefield? Time will tell, but we should expect another Battlefield at the tail end of 2016 anyway, hopefully!

[Source: Twitter]

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