DICE reveal free Battlefield 4 Community Map

operation outbreak battlefield 4Coming this Autumn as a free update for Battlefield 4, which is two years old, is a new map designed by the Battlefield community. The map has been named ‘Operation Outbreak’

DICE say the valley is infantry-focused with limited access, and the map will feature a medical research facility, an ancient temple and a waterfall. You can see the new map in detail with this new video, and you can look forward to the free update coming soon. This follows the release of the Operation Nightfall mission which gave us Zavod 311 in pitch black, meaning players had to switch up their tactics to deal with combat in the darkness.

If you played Battlefield Bad Company 2, or the Vietnam versions of Battlefield, this might look familiar, minus the weapon and gear loadouts. Expect a lot of hidden snipers raining death upon the attacking side, and make use of the nippy vehicles littered around the map to quickly avoid an ambush.

[Source: Youtube]

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