DICE LA “Highly Likely” To Make A New Game

Battlefield 4DICE LA, since it was founded in 2013, has worked more in a support capacity for the Battlefield Series, but according to EA Studios Executive Vice President Patrick Soderlund that might not be for much longer.

Patrick Soderlund told IGN that the Los Angeles based studio are “highly likely” to be working on their own project soon, but it will take time.

“When you start something new, sometimes it’s actually good for them to test the waters, try a couple of explanation packs,” said Soderlund.“You’ve got to have a good idea for a great game before you can make a game, and that takes time.”

Soderlund said that, like Visceral, DICE LA played a big part after the launch of BF4, working on expansions and have taken over managing it. That hands on experience with the Frostbyte engine will go a long way in helping them moving forward.

“They’ve really not only created good stuff, they have taken over Battlefield 4…and done a great job with BF4 since the launch of it. They’ve built great expansion packs, but more importantly they’ve created an identity for us in LA.”

EA CEO Andrew Wilson added, “I have no doubt that DICE LA will be building their game at some [point], because it’s a really, really passionate group of people.”

Soderland concluded saying, “if you visit the studio today, it’s bright, it’s happy, it’s a very different vibe down there, and that, to me, it takes time to build something like that. When you have that you can then say, ‘Now it’s time for you guys to do something else.’ I think you’ll see more from them in the future.”

What do you see DICE LA working on? Do you think they will continue working on Battlefield games? Maybe work with Visceral on their Star Wars game? Best of all, a brand new IP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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