DICE admit Walker Assault was unbalanced in Battlefront

walker assault battlefrontDuring the Star Wars Battlefront beta, fans who took part in games of Walker Assault on Hoth were quick to notice that playing as a Rebel was never really fair. The Empire has no problem hosing down platoons of Rebel fighters, leading to victories most of the time. DICE admits that there were balancing issues.

When a fan asked on Twitter whether they just sucked at the game when playing Walker Assault, Sledgehammer70 responded with “Nope! Its a balancing issue within the Beta.” For those who played the beta, they would know that activating the beacons to call in the Y-wings proved difficult, especially with the lack of game chat, unless you were grouped with friends while playing.

It’s good to know that the feedback is being taken onboard, which is what the beta was really designed for, so hopefully these fixes are implemented before the game’s launch in November. Some fans feel that the Empire should always win, because that’s how the movie went, but in a multiplayer game like Star Wars Battlefront, it should be an equal opportunities event, canon or not!

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