Diablo III Player Over Level 2000! Vegeta Unimpressed.

it_s_over_9000_____anaglyph_3d_test_wip___by_wortmann-d6e07k6Experienced Diablo players can achieve some crazy things, knowing the ins and outs of every part of the game to power level to sick heights.

But a player by the name of Vajet has surpassed the abilities of man, and entered the realm of the gods, with a current combined level that has seen him  go beyond Paragon level 2000, already at 2003.

Currently, his Paragon Level is 1789 in season 3, but non-seasonal characters are at level 1339 meaning that the total XP he has gained will show his characters at Paragon Level 2000+. Mind boggling, right? What does this mean?

Well, here is the stats:

  • Killed 15,374,712 monsters
  • 1,929,374 of those are elites
  • Paragon 2000 means 119,324,847,480,000 XP
  • That amount of XP equates to reaching Paragon 1000 eleven times (which in itself is quite the feat)

To get from level 2003 to 2004, Vajet needs to gain another 170,641,920,000, but no doubt he is already most of the way there. Diablo3ladder interviewed Vajet on how he has gotten to such a high level.

As for the rest of us mere mortals, all we can do is sit back and applaud this mans efforts. Well done good sir… well done!

Diablo Vajet Paragon 2003


Have you any crazy feats of leveling? Do you have any particular rank you are proud of? Let us know in the comments!

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