Dhalsim teleports onto the roster of Street Fighter V

dhalsim street fighter vAt the Paris Games Week, Capcom revealed that Dhalsim would be making his way back into Street Fighter V. The lanky, stretchy Indian Yoga master, who can shoot out projectiles of fire returns with some new moves up his…shorts, and looks like a good character to master.

The new reveal trailer starts off by showing a montage of all previously revealed characters, from Ryu and Chun Li, right through to Cammy, Vega, Zangief and Birdie, as well as Karen and newcomer Laura. Then we see the new challenger. Dhalsim returns with his signature downward spiral kick, as well as his Yoga fire and Yoga flame. Dhalsim can now use fire attacks while airborne, and it’s about time too.

Another new flame attack has been added, which sees Dhalsim line the floor with a bed of fire, enabling him to separate himself from his opponent, keeping them at a safe distance. His opponent must wait for the fire to go out, or jump over it to get near the flexible fighter. Dhalsim’s V attack, or super move, allows him to create a massive ball of flame which volleys slowly across the screen in an arching trajectory, and with a well timed teleport maneuver, allows Dhalsim to break his opponent out of his block, dealing massive, unavoidable damage.

The Capcom-unity website, for all things Capcom, updated their blog with details of post launch support as well as character reveal information for the future.

In case you haven’t heard, Street Fighter V is moving away from doing large bundles of post launch content, such as our prior Super or Ultra upgrades, and instead will be continuously releasing new post launch content on a regular basis.  No longer will you need to wait one or two years for new Street Fighter goodness; it will always be right around the corner. 

We have confirmed that we will be releasing 6 new characters post-launch in 2016, which will bring the total roster up to 22 characters by the beginning of 2017. On average, we will release one new character every two months, provided everything stays on track with our development schedule.  More specifics will be shared when our post-launch plans are confirmed.”

Are you happy to see Dhalsim return? As always, as a Street Fighter fan since the World Warrior and an Xbox One owner, the exclusivity still pains me.

[Source: Youtube, Capcom-unity]

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