Devil’s Third to get a free PC version

devil's thirdThere’s been a lot of speculation following Wii U exclusive, Devil’s Third, in the last couple of weeks with rumours that Nintendo wouldn’t be publishing the game in North America. It has since been confirmed that Nintendo will indeed be publishing it and that it should be expected in Q4 of this year. What came as a surprise however was the announcement of a free to play PC version called Devil’s Third Online.

Devil’s Third Online will be releasing in Japan, Europe, and North America but not before the Wii U version releases. As the name implies this free-to-play version consists only of the multiplayer content with the single player campaign remaining exclusive to the Wii U. The PC version will be released by the developer, Valhalla, and judging from the “Free-to-Play” label you can expect a number of micro-transactions to be implemented into the system. Valhalla released a press statement on the matter stating that “By prior agreement with Nintendo, Valhalla has developed the Free-to-Play PC exclusive online game ‘Devil’s Third Online’. To spread ‘Devil’s Third’ around the world, this game service will run from September 2015 onwards, in various regions around the world following the release of the Wii U version in each region.”

The game will be the first project completed by Tomonubo Itagaki, best known for his work on Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, since he originally left Team Ninja and Tecmo Koei back in 2008. A third person shooter at heart it combines with swordplay and combat but initial reports indicate that this game probably won’t be a contender for Game of the Year. We’ve previously listed it as one of the games most likely to disappoint in 2015. The game already has confirmed release dates for Japan (August 4th) and Europe August 28th).

Source: Valhalla

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