Developer Digital Homicide may have been destroyed in an ironic digital homicide

Digital HomicideYou may recall a while ago the story about a developer who decided it was a good idea to sue critics of its game as well as Steam users who had left negative reviews on Steam. Well Developer Digital Homicide has had to drop its case against Steam users, which may have killed the company altogether in a rather ironic digital homicide.

The whole story started when freelance games journalist Jim Sterling critiqued a game called Slaughtering Grounds which was made by Digital Homicide and ,well he slaughtered it and rightly so. The game looked terrible for all manner of reasons not least the irritating music, the cursor not aligning with the barrel of the weapon and what must be some of the worst gameplay ever to be seen on a PC.

The Romine brothers – who make up the development team at Digital Homicide – launched a lawsuit against Sterling stating that he had “falsely accused [Digital Homicide] and caused damage” to the tune of $10 million dollars. if you watched the video above I’ll give you an hour or two for you to stop laughing before we carry on….

The brothers were using crowdfunding for legal fees, but that fund raising method had to be abandoned when “harassers” began “donating amounts specifically to cause charges rather than donations and charge backs to cause financial fees,” according to Kotaku. They then decided to represent themselves.

Jim Sterling

Not content with chasing after someone who posted a video on YouTube Digital Homicide took exception to Steam users who had left negative reviews . The developer subpoenaed Valve for the  Steam users details,  Valve responded by finally pulling the plug and removing the game,  from the  Steam store calling Digital Homicide “hostile to Steam customers”.

Slaughtering Grounds

Digital Homicide may well have been killed off by that, according to James Romine, one half of the company’s ownership, in a statement that he provided to TechRaptor.  “As far as digital homicide? It’s destroyed. It’s been stomped into the ground from a thousand directions and use is discontinued. I’m going back into the work force and watching what’s really going on. Not gaming media gossip – the real stories are in the legal documents” he said.

Slaughtering Grounds

Digital Homicide had filed for dismissal of the case and a refund of its court fees. In the filing, Digital Homicide says it cannot fund the case any further due to financial difficulties. It’s well worth looking at the TechRaptor article if you want to see the full statements and legal stuff. It’s been a strange case and one that should never have gone down the road that it did. Fortunately for now at least it seems to be over.


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