Developer confirms next game will be better than the last

stock photo better gameIn an interview with an anonymous member of an anonymous studio, we were told that the follow up to the team’s last title will be even better in the sequel. While great promises were made two years ago about how great that game would be on release, this time around, it will be even greater.

The developer of the anonymous studio wanted their identity hidden for this interview, but wanted to assure fans that “everything you loved about the first game will be better this time around. The levels will be bigger, the graphics will be sharper, the sound more realistic, and the customization options superior.”

It’s reassuring to hear all of this, than being told upfront ahead of the game’s release that we should expect a lesser product. There’s nothing worse than paying today’s standard game prices for something that’s worse than what we got two years ago. Honesty is a great thing.

It’s not often that I’ve bought a game that was worse than its prequel, but that’s not to say it hasn’t happened before. That said, we were never warned ahead of its release that it would be worse. Who in their right mind would market the game that way anyway?

You can look forward to seeing and learning more about said anonymous game at E3 this June. We can’t wait!!!

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