Destroy All Humans: Re-release(d) on PS4

Destroy All Humans Box ArtHello everyone, it seems an old classic from the PS2 and Xbox Original era has re-surfaced on the PS4 (In North America, it’s on it’s way soon for the rest of the world, as per the Playstation Blog), specifically Destroy All Humans. Originally released in 2005, it’s re-release to the newest Playstation system comes as a welcome surprise.

This game is takes place on the other side of an alien invasion, with you playing as the cloned alien Cryptosporidium, better known as Crypto. Your race of aliens, the Furons, are interested in taking over Earth, as they have many other planets. Though when your predecessor was shot down in his attempt to investigate the Earth, it’s up to you and your boss, Orthopox, to not only take over the Earth in name of the Furon empire, but discover what occurred to your predecessor.Crypto Psychokinesis

As for how the game itself plays, there are two modes, either on foot from a third person shooter angle, or in your UFO, where you can cause massive destruction. Each level that you play is based on a stereotyped alien invasion situation, such as a farmers crop circle, small town in the dead of night, and even Area 42 (a parody of Area 51). As for what to do in the levels, it’s generally an open world type deal, with you taking quests from either Orthopox or supporters of your conquest to carry the story forward.

As for my favourite part of this game, it has to be setting that it takes place in. Specifically, how it’s in a generally 1950’s era, with everyone having old-timey accents and locations. Especially with Crypto being a generally grumpy and raunchy character put in the middle of these humans, or pink apes as he refers to them. It’s also hilarious whenever a human refers to the aliens as ‘little green men’, as it causes Crypto to go into a fit of rage, proclaiming “I’m grey, not f*****g green”.Crash Hypnotizing Cow

Interestingly enough, I was hoping to put this on the retro corner at some point in time in the hopes of it ever coming back as a re-release or remaster. As a final point, it makes me wonder what spurred this re-release, and if that speaks to the possibility of something more being done with this IP.



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