Destiny’s The Taken King pricing/extras upsets fans

destiny the taken kingSince the official reveal of Destiny’s next big expansion pack, The Taken King, fans have been in disgust over the details of exclusive content that new buyers will receive, feeling like they’re not being treated as well, despite the full year of support they have given the game. Then there’s the rather high price of it, too.

When it launches, fans can download the add-on for £40, a standard disc which includes all existing DLC and the new Taken King content, and a physical special edition is also on sale, costing £79.99, but that has already sold out. In the special edition, are bonuses that are exclusive to new players, both physical and in-game, and existing fans are disgusted by both the price of it all, and the exclusive content.

Bungie have told fans to wait until Thursday for the weekly blog post, which will detail exclusive content coming for year one Guardians. It’s still hard to digest the pricing though. £40 for the add-on alone, or £15 on top of the price of the base game, if bought in September when it launches. Ex Planetside developer, Matthew Higby wasn’t afraid to make a point about the costly add-on on Twitter, saying “A REAL MMOFPS experience on the PS4 and no bullshit $40 DLCs to worry about now or ever? Too good to be true? Check out #PS2onPS4 today”.

In an E3 interview with Eurogamer, Luke Smith of Bungie had the following to say about the justification of the price tag for The Taken King;

“So, purchasers get a big, rich campaign. Fully voiced cinematics and the story of what happens when an angry alien god wages war on a solar system, all with a satisfying conclusion. You also have a new subclass to pursue and unlock. We also have a bunch of new strikes – we’re not yet talking about how many – and a new raid. We’re showing two new PVP modes and four PVP maps this week, and it’s a fairly safe bet we’re not done yet showing things off”

A petition has also been set up by fans, arguing that fans should get the same perks that newcomers will be getting, which currently has 28,000 signatures. You can see that petition here, and sign it if you think it will make any difference. My advice would be to hold out until Thursday, and see what Bungie have to say in their blog post.

Destiny: The Taken King launches across all Xbox and PlayStation platforms on September 15th.

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