Destiny’s Silver is a top selling currency

destiny emoteAccording to a listing posted on Reddit, 3 of the top PlayStation Store game add-ons for last week were Destiny’s Silver, the new currency that coincided with the release of microtransaction emotes. People are paying for them, and Bungie/Activision are laughing their way to the bank!

psn destinyThe 1000 Silver for $10 and 2000 Silver for $20 are the second and third most popular purchases. Leading for the week is Destiny’s The Taken King add-on itself. Minecraft Story Mode’s season pass is in number 4, with the 500 Silver for Destiny in fifth, going for $5.

The emotes arrived on October 13th with an update, allowing players to spend real life money on Silver, which can be spent solely on dance routines and poses, such as ‘The Carlton’ from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and ‘Come at me bro’. With the release of The Festival of the Lost, the Halloween themed event for Destiny, fans were offered more moves, including a rather familiar ‘Thriller’ dance. Obviously, fans are enjoying them, and are willing to splash out for cosmetic add-ons. What is your take on it? We imagine that the Xbox Store is selling a few Silver coins as well, but there are no reported figures to speak of.

Are you guilty of buying Silver to pay for new Destiny emotes?


[Source: Reddit, IGN]

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