Destiny’s latest Nightfall mission just isn’t working for anybody

Destiny: The Taken King nightfallDestiny’s recently updated Nightfall mission seems to have launched with problems, with reports on Reddit saying that people can’t get through the door to fight the Ogre, despite attempts at restarts, booting players and changing hosts.

The Nightfall mission called Sunless Cell seems fine for the first part, with enemies appearing as expected. Once they’re all defeated, players find themselves lingering around at the door, but nothing happens. Bungie have yet to comment on the issue, but if you find yourself and a few friends reaching the same dead end, be aware that it’s not just you that’s affected.

You can see the Reddit post here and contribute your angered rant, and hope that this issue is resolved sooner rather than later.

While you’re all here, tell us, what do you want to see next in Destiny in 2016?

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