Destiny’s Crimson Days content revealed

crimson days destinyDestiny has a new event on its way in February, to tie in with Valentine’s Day, and with comes a week long limited set of content for you to take advantage of. Beginning on February 9th until the 16th, Crimson Days will offer a new competitive mode that will be available to play, along with a bunch of new content, revealed below.

Crimson Doubles is the new game mode, which sees you and a partner of your choice fight over 5 rounds of battle to become the victorious team. However, there’s a twist. If your partner dies, you get a buff called ‘Broken Heart’, which maxes out your abilities while you’re left fighting on the battlefield. Hopefully it doesn’t unbalance the game too much, but I’m sure Bungie know what they’re doing at this point.

Prizes for winning the event include new ghost shells, such as a chocolate one, or a rose one. Candy will also be available, which boosts your XP for a period of time to help you level up, and there are also some shaders. A bunch of new emotes are also available, some of them being team routines, and one that many will know as the Hotline Bling emote. Thanks Drake…

destiny crimson days

Crimson Days also comes with new Bounties and the Crimson Bonds Quest. These can be obtained from Lord Shaxx in the Tower prior to starting matches. Complete them, and you can unlock new emblems.

[Source: VG247]

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