Destiny: The Taken King updates and trailer

destiny the taken kingThe Taken King DLC arrives for Destiny on September 15th, and as well as adding a new story, missions, voice actor and cinematics, it also brings with it a tonne of updates to the title, old and new.

Peter Dinklage was dropped in favour of Nolan North to play the role of Ghost, your AI sidekick through the campaign. The reasons for this came down to something called ‘questification’, as Bungie call it. When Nolan North was recording the new Ghost dialogue, Bungie has scripted it in such a way that it made the quests make more sense, or be more descriptive in The Taken King.

“We wanted to improve the sense of what goals players were chasing after,” lead concept artist, Jesse van Dijk told Gamespot. “Because very often we would find that they were chasing after a gun, or following a specific quest line. What we wanted to do was chart that more clearly, and ultimately that led to something that we call ‘questification.’ All of the The Taken King content has been given that treatment… And when we started working on that, we were actually so satisfied with that formula that we went, ‘Wait a minute, why don’t we give all our previous content the same treatment? Why don’t we questify that as well?'”

To add to this further, Bungie then reworked the layout of the original campaign missions, re-organising them into a more streamlined direction, offering more context as to what the player and his squad of Guardians are doing in each mission.

destiny dreadnaughtRevealed last week via the weekly Bungie blog posts, was the Dreadnaught, a space-faring Hive battleship which players can treat as a new Patrol area, like the ones found in the base game. The difference, is that the Dreadnaught will offer that little bit more. “Expect to find new Bounties, Patrol Missions, and Public Events both large and small – some of which you can even instigate yourself, if you can discover how.”

“Within Oryx’s behemoth ship, you’ll likely find more challenging Public Events than anything else you’ve attempted before on Patrol. How to succeed won’t be obvious at first, but the rewards will be worth your effort,”designer Ben Wommack said in the blog post.

“Get ready to fight bosses and encounters in surprising combinations of circumstances, and look to your fellow Guardians for help. Patrol is no longer easy mode.”

It has also recently been revealed that The Taken King will be dropping Light levels as a means of leveling up, but that it will still count towards showing off how powerful you are. Players will be able to level up from level 1 to level 40 through standard XP gained from missions and challenges, but that some missions will require a minimum Light level for you to be able to take part and be successful. “As of The Taken King and update 2.0, your Light level will be calculated based on your total attack and defence statistics rather than the combined total Light attributes of your armour,” says VG247.

Coming with The Taken King is a one time use ability that allows you to level up an existing, or new character to the minimum level requirements to play the new expansion. It might be worth your while starting a brand new character in a new class, which would take longer than boosting an existing character who might just fall short of the minimum requirements.

Here you can see the prologue cinematic that will greet you when The Taken King is released:

Destiny’s The Taken King becomes available on September 15th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3 and 360.

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