Destiny The Taken King Content Now Available Separately; Luke Smith Apologizes for being an “Asshat”

destiny crucibleThis has not been an easy week for Bungie, and rightfully so, but they seem to want to put things right again.

Creative director Luke Smith has made an apology for the comments he made in his interview with Eurogamer earlier in the week which sparked controversy. On top of that, Bungie have re-structured the pricing and content for their upcoming expansion The Taken King, which caused further outrage from fans concerning the price and that they had to re-purchase already bought content at a frankly ridiculous price.

Here is Luke Smiths apology, which was posted on

I am Luke Smith, Creative Director on Destiny: The Taken King.

Many, many years ago, I wrote to you each week in this spot. We talked about Battle Rifles, we talked about stuff we weren’t going to talk about, and at some point I did a horrible hand-drawing of an upcoming map and teased you with it in the Weekly Update.

Anyone who knows me knows I can be sarcastic, anyone who remembers podcasts I’ve done knows that I can be pretty blunt, and anyone who’s watched me in a ViDoc knows I’m pretty unpolished.

However, most of you don’t know me.

Reading my interview with Eurogamer and imagining it came from some random developer of a game I love – that random developer looks like an Asshat.

But that Asshat was me – and those words rightfully anger you.

I’m sorry.

My words made it sound as if Bungie doesn’t care about their most loyal fans.

We do care. We are listening. And we will make it right.

As for the new pricing, players who have already purchased DLC and the base game can now get The Collectors Edition for $20 in an upgrade bundle, which is a massive drop from the previous $80, which includes three class emotes, three armour shaders and three exotic class items with XP bonuses.. Also, as already stated by Bungie, players who are level 30 or have purchased the two existing add-ons, The Dark Below and House of Wolves, will still get the Year One VIP shader, emblem and sparrow.

More news is still to come, but this is definitely a good start in mending the relationship with fans, as well as how other gamers who haven’t pick up Destiny perceive them.

What are your thoughts though? Are you happy with the apology and the change to pricing? Or were you ok with it before? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Rob Pearce ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

    the fact they tried to pull this crap and sound so arrogant about it wont be easily forgotten. this is a start at least can some one clarrify that everything in the new DLC is now just £20? because im seeing articles that say to get everything the DLC brings you will need £60 plus the cost of redbull (yuk).

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