Destiny servers leave players queuing to play Rise of Iron

tapir destiny rise of ironDestiny’s second big expansion, Rise of Iron is now rolling out today, yet players are finding themselves stuck in limbo, as server capacity seems to be maxed out, resulting in a queuing system. Destiny is a rather popular shooter and while it’s in its second year, fans are excited to hop on to experience the new content, without any luck.

Players find themselves encountering the tapir image, a snouted animal part of a range of animals used by Bungie to identify different bugs or issues. This guy means ‘server issues’, and now players are struggling to connect to the game. One user shared the image below on Twitter, showing him in the queue at position number 195,943. That’s a bit of a long wait. Other users report moving up the list, only to be dropped back down to the bottom again, as far as 300,000th.

destiny rise of iron queue

While Rise of Iron adds a lot of new content for Destiny fans, it may be another few hours before they can hop on and try it out themselves. All hands are on deck at Bungie so hopefully this gets resolved sooner rather than later. Rise of Iron rolled out earlier this morning for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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