Destiny sequels information revealed via court case

Bungie destinyFollowing the legal battle between Bungie and composer Marty O’Donnell, some information regarding the sequels to Destiny have been revealed, via documents made public in the court case.

Described as ‘Project Tiger’ during development, Destiny didn’t reach its initial release date as planned, instead coming a year later. With ‘Project Tiger 2’ coming a year later, this would have been updated since, and pushed out by another year, meaning Destiny 2 could be coming in September 2016 instead.

destiny release schedule

Judging by the released document, ‘Comet’, which was The Taken King’s codenamed title, is to have a fourth version it seems, which is to release in 2020. There was no mention of The Taken King on the document otherwise, with Comet being the only real mention, which doesn’t fit in with the release schedule above.

destiny the taken kingWith a ten year lifespan (at least) planned for Destiny, it’s no surprise that a sequel or two would be making their way to the market, and with the success of Destiny and its massive player base, the future is certainly bright, and probably expensive, for the dedicated Guardians.

Marty O’Donnell won his legal battle, earning himself $142,500 and shares in Bungie.

[Source: PlayStation Mag]

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