Destiny Reaches 25 Million Total Players

DestinySome love it, others hate it, but we sure can’t say it ain’t popular as Destiny currently has more than 25 million registered users between current and last gen consoles.

The rise hasn’t been slowing down much either, with 5 million registers since May, mostly thanks to The Taken King expansion which many players say improve the game significantly, especially after the lackluster story of the original.

Activision didn’t reveal how many of those accounts were active still, but impressive regardless, especially when players are averaging 3 hours a day and that it’s the most watched game on Twitch. More details will be out later today during a scheduled investor call.

COD has been performing exceptionally well also, with revenue increasing by a “double digit percentage” compared to the year before thanks to high sales of Black Ops 1 + 2, as well as the newest game in the series, Advanced Warfare.

This quarter saw Activision rake in them moneys, with a net revenue of $1.04 billion, down slightly from last years $1.17 billion. While it went down a little, digital sales unsurprisingly continue to rise making up 67% of total revenue at $697 million compared to last years meagre 38%. Activision profited $158 million compared to $173 million last year.

If you like reading about shares and money and stuff, head here for more in depth details.

While Destiny continues to be very popular, gamers are quite split on whether or not it’s any good, but who cares so long as your enjoying yourself!

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