Destiny private matches now live

DestinyFor the first time since Destiny’s launch in 2014, players will now be able to create custom private matches in The Crucible. It almost feels like it shouldn’t even be newsworthy, because what online shooter doesn’t include private lobby options? But, it’s Destiny, it’s popular, and this feature has certainly been desired.

The Private Match options will let you choose from a variety of game types, the score limit, set a time limit, choose your map of choice, and choose what effects light levels will have.  You will still be able to earn some faction rep as you play, and will give you a good place to get some experience with friends before you head off into more competitive, ranked matches.

Better late than never really, but it shouldn’t be taken (king) as the most amazing update to grace the popular shooter. It was actually due to launch next week as part of the Rise of Iron update, but maybe Bungie felt nice and wanted to put it out sooner.

Will you be hopping into some friendly PvP action on Destiny this weekend then?

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