Destiny getting a new social hub in September

destiny rise of ironDestiny will receive its next big content update in September, with the release of Rise of Iron. Not only will the expansion add new missions and more lore to the ever-growing universe, it will also bring a new social hub which you will first have to fight to take back.

Set atop a snowy mountain the looms above the Cosmodrome, players will be able to locate and win back Felwinter Peak, the derelict home of the Iron Lords, whose story will be focused on in Rise of Iron’s narrative.

From Felwinter Peak, Guardians will be able to begin Patrol missions in the new Plaguelands area, as well as finding many secrets, quests and stores to buy more equipment.

According to Bungie “there are a lot of secrets to discover” on Felwinter Peak. One of those secrets may involve a number of bells scattered around Felwinter Peak that players can activate. Bungie teased fans by saying, “If you hit them in a certain order, something might happen.”

Lord Saladin will take up residence at Felwinter Peak going forward, so Guardians will have reason to return to the hub every so often. With the release of Rise of Iron, you will no longer find him at The Tower.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20th, 2016, and it requires the Destiny base game and The Taken King expansion.

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