Destiny April update details, Sterling Treasure

destiny april updateBungie have given its Guardians new information about the April update for Destiny. One of the new additions includes a new way to spend money, with the Sterling Treasure that offers up random loot to customise your gear and weapons.

Sterling Treasure will be available in four different ways. Firstly, you get a free bit of treasure each week when the game resets, followed by completing the Level 41 Prison of Elders which is being revamped, and thirdly, by playing the featured Weekly Crucible Playlist. Of course, the option to buy Sterling Treasure will be available, costing 200 Silver. Bear in mind that Silver costs a minimum of £3.99/$4.99 which gives you 500 Silver.

According to Eurogamer, “In each loot pack you are guaranteed a piece of armour (rated at 3 attack or defense strength), along with up to two other items such as ships, a sparrow, class items, reputation boosters and the all-new Chroma customisation item. Chromas will let you add a neon tint in either white, yellow, blue or red to certain armour items, or add a skin pattern to certain guns.”

As previously stated, Destiny’s April update on the 12th will also add new gameplay activities as well as increasing the Light levels to 335.

destiny april update

Destiny’s players can look forward to a new strike mission and new Prison of Elders challenges which see you facing Taken enemies. The Prison of Elders challenge  will offer a matchmade mode at 260 Light and a harder mode for players at 320 Light. At least there’s a choice, giving more players a chance to take part.

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