Destiny 2 poster leaks online, reveal due today

destiny refer a friend destiny 2A poster for Destiny 2 has seemingly cropped up on the internet today, shared via the staff of a retailer in Italy. The poster is in Italian and suggests a beta is on the way this summer, possibly exclusive to PlayStation 4.

The Destiny 2 poster features 3 Guardians, a number which is familiar to Destiny players, but you’ll notice with a closer look, that none of them are wearing helmets. Will this be a new feature in the sequel? Possibly. Another poster, which is identical, says that the game will hit retailers in the week of September 8th. That could be worldwide, or just in Europe, considering this is aimed at Italian gamers.

destiny 2

According to Kotaku, an official announcement of Destiny 2 is also due at some point today. Keep your eyes peeled to 4-One, or anyone else if you’re not too particular, for further info when it drops.

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