Destiny 2 for PC, and other rumours

Destiny 2Destiny players have recently been sinking their teeth into the skin and bones of Rise of Iron, but already, rumours and supposed leaked information is already seeping out about Destiny 2 and what the game will supposedly change. Are you ready to start talking about Destiny 2? Can it be called Destiny’s Child?

First and foremost, it seems that a few sources, including NeoGaf and others, claim that Destiny 2 will release on the PC. It’s mad to even say it, but Destiny isn’t on the pc in any shape, way or form, even with Activison being so involved with Blizzard and their PC community. How it was never ported, I’ll never know. Anyway, Destiny 2 could mean a complete overhaul, and hopefully it will in some way bring new players up to speed as to what’s going on.

Some of the sources also line up in that Destiny 2 will allow much more NPC interaction on the worlds you travel to, and not be restricted to the likes of The Tower or any of the other social hubs. Is it becoming more MMO-ish in that regard? Hopefully some more worlds to visit, and more stuff to do on them. And maybe or maybe not include the ones we’ve visited already? Nothing wrong with keeping them in; they are planets after all, so why not introduce new areas on these planets?

Destiny 2

Some of the sources claim that other Activision studios High Moon and Vicarious Visions will be lending a hand in Destiny 2’s development, which would make sense. For such a high profile title, the more hands, the better.

With Destiny 2 due for some time in 2017, this is all to be taken with a bag of salt, but with a few sources all agreeing to the same rumours, it’s probably painting a decent picture for many fans here. It certainly does sound like a bigger, better experience. To see all of the NeoGaf rumours, check out the link here.

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