Fans lose their sh*t as developer puts 2 at the end of game title

game title 2We’re a little behind on the news this week as our site was out of action for Monday due to background upgrades, but here we are now, ready to hit the ground running. Yesterday, a developer officially announced the sequel to a popular game, and the world went mad. Yes, ‘game title 2’ is official. And it’s no surprise either.

We all love sequels. Some games don’t need them however, but due to popular demand, some get follow-up stories, or even prequels. Especially if the lore makes sense. Who doesn’t love a good back story anyway? However, in this situation, it’s nothing too fancy, just a straight up sequel.

Destiny 2 has been officially announced yesterday, following a leaked poster the week before. Nothing new has been revealed, other than the inclusion of a poster which says ‘Game Title 2’.

destiny 2 official

Opinions from the gaming community have been mixed. While of course there are the regular players who are stoked for another adventure, there are also concerns from the most loyal over whether the base game will contain enough content to warrant a day one purchase. Using Destiny as a template, waiting 2 years may offer you the best value for money.

Sure, Destiny looked and played great, but its overpriced and not so frequent premium add-ons disgruntled fans. You could be waiting six to ten months for an expansion that only offers a half a dozen hours of gameplay, then a  new player could grab that and the base game for a fraction of the cost in total. It was a great purchase for new players down the line.

Not to mention the expansions primarily centered around existing maps that came with the base game. Why not include new locales? Let’s hope for the fans’ sake that Destiny 2 is a complete re-working of the system, and something players can rejoice in.

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