Destiny 2.0 rolling out to players across the Galaxy

DestinyGuardians rejoice! Bungie have begun rolling out the eagerly anticipated Destiny v2.0 patch in preparation for the launch of The Taken King expansion next week. The 17gb patch should, if not already, be available soon to all of those waiting to play bringing with it game changing mechanics, a raised level cap and even some preview content straight from the expansion. It might be a big patch, but it is your Destiny… Cough.

Full details are currently NOT available for the site as that’s currently down for maintenance, however we’re sure that they’ll be posted just as soon as the patch becomes available. Regardless, here’s what we know so far:

  • An increased level cap to 34, (The Taken King will raise this further to 40),
  • A change in the way armor and upgrades work meaning players no longer need to concentrate on ‘light’ to level up their Guardians,
  • Various bug fixes (as is the norm of course),Destiny
  • Various weapon/armor buffs and nerfs, Gjallarhorn officially knocked off its podium,
  • Bounty slots increased to 16,
  • A new ‘quest tracker’ has been added to the game and given its own menu tab,
  • Peter Dinklage will be replaced as the voice actor of the ‘Ghost’ character by Nolan North,
  • Finally players will be able to experience new ‘Crucible’ features straight from the up-coming ‘The Taken King’ expansion, this consists of 2 new game modes (Rift, which is in essence, CTF and Mayhem, a Deathmatch style mode in which Guardians will experience faster charging ‘Supercharged’ abilities.

As previously mentioned, at the time of posting, the site is down for maintenance, as soon as it’s back up you can check out the official patch notes via one of the links in this post. For the meantime however, kick-start the download, load up Netflix and have some Quiche (inside joke).

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