Deadpool is getting ported onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4

deadpoolThe 2013 Deadpool game by High Moon Studios (Transformers: War for Cybertron) and published by Activision, is confirmed to be making its way to the current generation, thanks to a Gamestop listing.

The big question mark surrounding this game is that it was removed from Steam without any notice over a year ago, but now, it seems it’s coming back, in the form of a quick buck for Activision. The publisher recently released the two Prototype games, both of which were rather terrible ports, causing frame rate issues and screen tearing. Should we expect the same this time around? We’re being cautious.

deadpool gameplayDeadpool wasn’t a terrible game, it was a fun action game, with Deadpool voiced by Nolan North (now Destiny’s Ghost) and the game featured some good humour, fourth wall moments, and….well, a bit of violence. It wasn’t the strongest superhero release either. Batman still takes that mantle.

The issue here is that the game will be a straight port, although it will come with all DLC, which amounts to new costumes and challenge maps, and will come at the cost of $50, which is a bit steep. It’s also a strange decision to release it on the supposed dated of November 17th, right in the thick of the massive holiday releases, when the movie featuring Ryan Reynolds hits cinemas the following year. Think of the lost marketing opportunity!

Hopefully the price will drop somewhat before then, but if not, unless you’re a hardcore Deadpool fan, in which case you would have played this already, this might be a bargain bin pickup during the January sales.

[Source: Gamestop]

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