Deadpool encourages you to touch yourself tonight

deadpoolIn the latest Deadpool video, of which there are a few, Wade¬†Wilson encourages fans to touch themselves, all in the aim to beat cancer. Pun unintended. I guess you could say that fans look up to superheroes and their words of wisdom, and even for Deadpool’s standards, these are good words of advice.

“Touching yourself could also save your life, without making you blind,” Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds tells us. He asks fans to click on the link that follows the video, which directs you to The organisation is all about making men aware of the dangers of testicular cancer, and how you can self assess yourself for any symptoms.

“Ballboys is a charity that raises awareness and educates the population (not just the guys) on the facts, figures and issues of testicular cancer. We provide easy access to resources and information to anyone who is concerned about, or directly affected by testicular cancer,” the website’s homepage states.

As for Deadpool, you can see more of him this February, starting February 9th in Hong Kong, the 10th and 11th in Europe and 12th in the US. Marvel Comics has never been grittier on the big screen.

[Source: Youtube]

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