Dead Rising 4 launch trailer rings the slay bells

dead rising 4Dead Rising 4 releases this week on Xbox One, and why not release the launch trailer around a poetic Christmas reading? Are you ready to take on the horde of zombies in Willamette Colorado as Frank West again?

If you found yourself a little depressed about the direction of The Walking Dead’s latest season, perhaps Dead Rising 4 will put that spring back in your step. No more drama, no more plot twists or shocking scenes. Just tongue-in-cheek kills with ludicrous weapons, hilarious outfits and a taste of Christmas spirit.

With all new weapons and crafting options, exo-suits (because Call of Duty) and an assortment of vehicles to hop into to get from place to place, leaving a trail of blood in your wake, Dead Rising 4 just looks like utter fun.

What makes Dead Rising 4 different from the previous titles is that the in-game timer, which is controversial amongst the community, has been removed. Although it hasn’t been taken out completely, it’s just absent for most of the game.

According to a GamesIndustry interview with Capcom, “The timer… some people don’t care about the timer, some people hate the fact that it’s not in the game, some people hated the timer and love the fact we’ve got rid of it. So what do we do? Well, we put the timer in multiplayer, and then put it back in towards the end of the game, where we think it matters,” Capcom Vancouver studio head Joe Nickolls said.

dead rising 4 frank west

For the first time in the series too, the game had three writers penning the game’s story. It was only ever one at a time in the other games. Capcom decided to add a bit of underlying depth to this one though, with Black Friday being the key factor in the tale. Basically, Dead Rising 4 will ask you ‘who is the monster’?

“The message behind the game is around consumerism and Black Friday, and we’re asking: who is the monster? The zombies running around or is it what caused everyone to fight each other and demand these products and services? I often say this is not the thinking man’s game, but there are some messages in there that might make you think a little bit more than usual.”

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