Dead Rising 4 images leak

dead rising 4According to a few leaked images posted online, it seems that Dead Rising 4 will be revealed for the Xbox One next week during Microsoft’s E3 media briefing. The images look rather legit, but with the build up to E3, anything could be possible, or faked.

The gameplay image acquired by ThisGenGaming shows Frank West in the middle of a mountainous, forested area. According to other sources, the setting will supposedly be Willamette, Colorado where the action took place in the first game in 2006 on the Xbox 360. What brings Frank back to Colorado though? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

dead rising 4 screenshotDead Rising 3 released on the Xbox One when the console launched, and fans have been anticipating a follow up for a long time. Still, fans wish to be able to run around the game’s world without the constant timer that forces you to complete the missions before a person dies, or an opportunity to progress ends. Will Capcom finally grant fans what they want?

We are bound to learn a lot more at E3 next week, with Microsoft’s conference kicking off at 9:30am PDT or 5:30pm GMT on Monday the 13th of June.

dead rising 4 poster leak

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