Dead or Alive Xtreme exclusive to Asia.

dead or aliveThe Dead or Alive Xtreme spin off series started with DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball in 2003 and became a polarising topic of discussion. Now it has been revealed that Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 is in development but chances are you won’t be playing it unless you’re determined enough to import it from the Asian market.

Back in 2003 Dead or Alive was proving itself to be one of the most successful fighting games available. It had a strong cast of interesting characters, enjoyable and user friendly combat… and it had pretty female character designs. Naturally the next logical step for the series was to create a spin off all about minigames, relationship building, bikinis and oversized jiggle chests. Thus Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball was born and the fanbase was split in two between those who loved it and those who loathed it. Ever since then the ridiculous nature of Dead or Alive has been ever increasing and often overshadowing the top quality gameplay still available in the core fighting games.

Now it seems that perhaps the Xtreme spin off might be going into a serious decline in the west, so much so that while the women of Dead or alive xtremeDead or Alive are heading out for another nice tropical holiday they won’t be inviting western gamers to join them. Dead or Alive’s Facebook page earlier confirmed that while the game was in development “it will be made exclusively for Japan and Asian market”. The last DOA Xtreme came out in 2006 on Xbox 360 to a very frosty reception so keeping it exclusive to Asia won’t be a huge surprise to anyone.


Source: Dead or Alive Facebook

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